What do I need to do?

To complete your video interview simply click on the link in your invitation email and follow the on-screen instructions you are presented with.

Before you complete your interview, it might also be useful to:

  • Study the job description
  • Make a note of the deadline
  • Prepare and rehearse some questions that you think you are likely to be asked 
  • Watch our video on Interview Tips
  • Familiarise yourself with the camera and microphone on your device, to ensure that there are no technical issues 
  • We recommend that you check that your device is compatible with Shortlist.Me
  • Relax! 

We recommend all candidates take a practice interview before taking the real thing so you can get comfortable with being interviewed this way.

If an employer has invited you to a ‘screening interview’ and you would like to prepare using Shortlist.Me, then make sure you register using the same email address that the employer sent the invitation to.

See the link below to our practice interviews:

Take a practice interview