Is my device compatible? interviews can be taken on webcam and microphone-equipped PCs and Macs, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

To check if your device is compatible, take the equipment test before your interview begins. If your device passes the equipment tests, it is compatible.

If it does not, please use a webcam and microphone-equipped PC/Mac, or an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to complete your interview.


Examples of Compatible Devices

Windows Macs





iOS Devices
(eg. iPhone, iPad)   
Android Devices
(eg. Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony smartphones and tablets)
ios devices


android devices does not currently support Windows Phone or Blackberry smartphones.

You can also take a practice interview to check your device is compatible.

If an employer has invited you to a ‘screening interview’ and you would like to prepare using Shortlist.Me then make sure you register using the same email address that the employer sent the invitation to.