My camera can't be detected

Step 1

Check that there is definitely a camera installed on your device. Follow the instructions below to do this.


  1. In the Windows menu, go into the ‘Control Panel’.

  2. Click into ‘Hardware and Sound’.

  3. Click into ‘Devices and Printers’.

  4. Check that your webcam is listed.


If your webcam is not built in to your device (e.g. connected by USB) and does not appear in the device list we recommend you update your camera’s driver, as your current webcam is not being recognised by your PC. You can find instructions to do this here.

If your webcam is built in to your device (e.g. a laptop camera) and it does not appear in this list we recommend you use an alternative device. interviews can be completed on webcam and microphone equipped PCs, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Step 2

The second thing to check is that the correct camera is enabled. This can be an issue with devices that have two cameras, e.g. one forward and one rear facing camera.


  1. In the ‘Control Panel’, click in to the ‘Device Manager’.

  2. Under ‘Imaging Devices’ you should see all of your cameras in a list.

  3. Right click on the cameras you don’t want to use and select ‘Disable’.

  4. Right click on the camera you do want to use and ensure it is ‘Enabled’.

Step 3

If you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, it may be that you need to grant access to your camera in your web browser. To do so, follow the instructions below:


  1. Right click on the padlock icon in the far left of your address bar.

  2. Click into the ‘Permissions’ tab.
  3. Ensure ‘Camera’ and ‘Microphone’ are set to ‘Allow’



  1. Left click on the padlock or ‘!’ icon on the left of the search bar. Click 'More Information'.

  2. Click into the ‘Permissions’ tab.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and ensure ‘Use the Camera’ and ‘Use the Microphone’ - set these both to ‘Allow’. You may have to uncheck the 'Use Default' boxes to do this.

If you are experiencing camera issues in Microsoft Edge you may need to update your camera’s drivers - click here for instructions on how to do this.