My answer(s) won't upload (Mobile)


Loss or drop in internet connection or insufficient memory are the common causes preventing answers from uploading on a mobile device. Here are the steps to follow which will resolve this issue:  

  1. Hard card close the app by pressing the home button twice in quick succession on iOS or the overview button (right-hand button) on Android. Swipe to close the Shortlist.Me app when it displays
  2. Reopen the app by tapping on app icon situated on the home screen of your device (not via the invitation email)
  3. If answers and pending uploads a 'Resume uploads' button will display. 
  4. Tap this and you'll see the question listed
  5. Tap on each of the questions, a menu will appear, select 'Retry'  

IMG_8213    IMG_8214    IMG_8217

If this is unsuccessful, please try to switch to an alternative network.


The answer still won't upload? Contact our support team.